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I have made a lot of


Here are thirteen of them.

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I have done a lot of video work for a variety of clients earlier in my career, but more recently, the videos I've made have been just for fun! Here's one I made streaming with my friend Arielle. Light on the editing, but I want to show off my voice talent and impeccable comedic timing!


I quickly threw this Unity tutorial together per the request of a company I was interviewing with. Sadly, I never heard back from them, but imagine my surprise seeing that the video has over 2,000 views! Hopefully, it's been helpful to someone.

The videos below I made for Camp Elim. I feel these videos are good representations of my body of work.

The majority of footage was shot with a Canon 80D or 70D, and all videos shown were edited with Adobe Premiere.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos for Camp Elim are used to market Camp Elim to prospective campers and their parents. For these videos, I wanted to demonstrate the balance of fun activities and spiritual nourishment.

2018 "Pardoned" Summer Promo

  • My Role: Producer, Editor, Graphic Design

  • Footage by: Jonathan Hagman, Alison Henry, Evan Lancelot, Ian Miller, Ronnie Ortega, Justin Waite, and Myself

2018 "Solved" Winter Promo

  • My Role: Producer, Editor

  • Footage by: Fred Stewart and Myself

2017 "Anchored" Summer Promo

  • My Role: Producer, Editor, Writer, Actor

  • Footage by: Aaron Grimes, Fred Stewart, Asher MacEnulty, and Myself

  • It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Summer Wrap-Up Videos

Camp Elim's annual Summer Wrap-Up video is sent out to supporting churches, donors, and other partners. The purpose of the video is to summarize the summer camp season, as well as inform viewers of new building projects, new staff members, and other exciting milestones at Camp Elim.

2018 "Pardoned" Summer Wrap-Up

  • My Role: Producer, Editor, Graphic Design

  • Written by: Dan Faulkner and Myself 

  • Footage by: Jamie Bell, Spencer Gurley, Alison Henry, Adam Manley, Justin Manley, Ryan Moulton, Anthony Rodriguez, and Myself

2017 "Anchored" Summer Wrap-Up

  • My Role: Producer, Editor, Graphic Design

  • Written by: Dan Faulkner and Myself

  • Footage by: Jonathan Hagman, Alison Henry, Stephen Kennicutt, Evan Lancelot, Ronnie Ortega, Justin Waite, and Myself

Program Videos

Program videos are entertainment videos made for campers to frame the retreat theme, providing narrative background, sometimes explaining rules for games, and sometimes delving into the spiritual themes of the retreat. Both of the videos below are from our 2018 “Solved” winter youth retreats.

2018 "Solved" Program Video for Campers Grades 3-8

  • My Role: Producer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer

  • Starring: Gabe Gurley, Fiona Miller, Buffie

2018 "Solved" Program Video for High School Campers

  • My Role: Producer, Camera Operator, Editor

  • Written by and Starring: Chelsea Van Ryn, Steve Faulkner, Dave Corbett, Lisa Corbett, Jeremiah Gregg, Jacob Roggero

Event Videos

The Land Exchange was a unique moment in Camp Elim’s history. For 57 years, Camp had leased a 16 acre property from the USDA Forest Service, though Camp owned the buildings on that property. The Forest Service doesn’t sell their land, but they will exchange it for land of equivalent value. Camp’s leadership began investigating a land exchange in 1993, and it ended up being a 24-year process of praying, waiting, paperwork, partnerships, waiting, negotiations, fundraising, waiting, and disappointment.

So when the Land Exchange finally went through in 2017, we absolutely had to have a big celebration! I knew we wouldn’t have another huge milestone like that for a while, and so many people wanted to be there, but couldn’t make it, so it felt really important to capture that day with as many photos and videos as I could get. I’m proud of how these videos turned out, especially considering I edited the last one on a bus.

Special thanks to my friend Justin Manley for being a second set of hands on what ended up being a very hectic (albeit wonderful) day.

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